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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tafsiri hii:

Mke na mume walisikizana wakitaka ngono watatumia code " kupiga simu" ili watoto wasielewe.

Basi siku moja walikua wameteta hawasemezani.

Baba akamtuma mtoto: " mwambie mamako nataka simu!"

Mama akamwambia mtoto: " mwambie imeharibika!"

Baba akanena: " mwambie basi nitakwenda kupiga nje"

Mama akamtuma motto: " Mwambie akienda kupiga nje na mimi nitafungua simu ya jamii!!!"


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha. Simu ya jamii! Iwe ni Safaricom au Kencell?

Friday, 04 September, 2009  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I swear YOU are SICK! (not in a negative way). Thanks for the blog! Are you a comedian? if not-get into it!

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