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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


A man was heading home after a drinking spree. When
he was approaching his home, armed gangsters blocked
him and took command of his vehicle.

On frisking him they failed to get any money and out of
frustration they decided to punish him by driving into his
compound and tying him naked on a tree which was
situated at the corner of his house and left him there
naked while his hands and legs were tied to the tree.
They then took off.

In the morning his worried wife woke up only to see
her husband naked on the tree with his manhood dangling.
she screamed and ran to call the villagers since she
thought the man was either dead or crazy.

When the villagers came, they immediately untied him
and brought him down. The man immediately, armed
with a stick went straight for the young calf which was
grazing and started chasing it all over the compound,
and when villagers protested he said "you have no idea
what this calf has done to me the whole night!!!"

The calf had mistaken his manhood for the mothers’ tits
and tried to suckle milk the whole night without success!